#1 Valentine


Who will be Oliver's #1 valentine this year?! 💕 As he's trying to make up his mind, but his ghost cat Priscella isn't having it! 😾 Oliver's love declaration brings out something deep down for Priscella. Maybe she does love him a little bit after all. 😝

This is actually something I look out for in real life. When someone snaps or lashes out, is it because they are really mad? Maybe they just need to vent about something. I call this deflating the balloon. Let someone release what's bothering them. The hardest part is just being an active listener and let them talk. Let them talk until there is no more air in the balloon! It really is a gift you can give the other person. And while snapping at someone may not be the best way to get attention, taking the high road by listening and giving back some positivity usually snuffs a person's fire out. Kill them with kindness! 😋

You'd be surprised how many times I've done this and found the other person just needed someone to talk to. 😊

Hoping you all have a fantastic Friday!

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