Meet the Creator!


👋 Welcome to Positively Ghostly! I'm Greg Eales, the creator of this heartwarming universe! 🌈✨

Positively Ghostly was born in April 2020, right when the pandemic hit. I was going through a tough time, battling my own demons, when Oliver emerged from the depths of my sketchbook. Little did I know, Oliver would become the beacon of positivity that this realm needed.

Drawing inspiration from my own struggles, Positively Ghostly aims to spread joy, self-love, and self-care through funny comics and animations. Oliver floats around the Realm of the Dead, lending a helping hand to other beings who are feeling down or depressed.

In my journey as a creator, I've worn many hats: Air Force veteran, network engineer, system administrator, quality assurance analyst, instructional technologist, team leader, animator, and learning engineer. 🎓🎨 Yet, Positively Ghostly has been one of my greatest journeys, reminding me that making comics to help others is a gift that heals my own spirit.

Fun Facts:

I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and received a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation.

I'm also a HUGE GEEK for technology and space.

My favorite past times are eating warm chocolate chip cookies, making and reading comics, watching cartoons and movies, hanging out with my kids, and meeting cool people! 🍪

Before we part ways, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all you amazing fans out there. Your support means the world to me, and I want you to know how awesome and important you are.

Remember, each day is an opportunity to embrace positivity and spread kindness. Together, let's make this world a brighter place, one ghostly smile at a time! 👻💙

Thank you for being a part of the Positively Ghostly family. Stay tuned for more adventures, laughs, and heartwarming moments with Oliver and the Boo Crew. Let's continue to uplift spirits and create a realm filled with joy and positivity.

Have a great day, and always remember to keep that ghostly spirit shining brightly! ✨🌟

With gratitude,

Greg Eales
Creator of Positively Ghostly