April Showers Bring May Flowers


Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! 🌧️🌷

Oliver and Plaguey are back with some words of wisdom from the Realm of the Dead! 💀☂️

In life, just like in April, we may face showers and storms. But fear not, for they bring May flowers and brighter days ahead! 🌼🌈

Plaguey's sign says it all: "This too shall pass." 💪 From adversity and discomfort springs happiness and joy! So let's stay positive, keep going, and remember that tough times won't last forever. We're all in this together! 👭👬👫

And speaking of awesome things, a BIG thank you to YOU the amazing fans who make Positively Ghostly possible! You rock! 🙌👻 I appreciate your support and love having you as friends! 💕

Wishing you all a fantastic Friday and an incredible weekend! Let's make it positively ghostly! 👻✨


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