Don't Be a Grim Reaper...Be a JIM Reaper!


Happy Monday my ghostly friends! 👻

And say hello to Jim Reaper! 💀 🤣

I find it funny that Oliver just starts calling a Grim Reaper…well…Jim. Maybe it was on accident or intentional?? Like maybe Oliver just doesn’t want this poor being to be sad or grim. Or maybe he really just thought this guy’s name was Jim. Lol 🤷‍♂️😅🤣

But beyond the humor, I think Oliver reminds us that our attitude shapes our reality. Let's all take a cue from Oliver and strive to find the upside and positivity in every situation! 😊❤️

Wishing all of you a very, positively non-grim, week! 😋🙌

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