Love Can Be Mysterious & A Little Spooky!


Love can be many things. It can be elusive…sometimes infatuating..mysterious…and maybe a little spooky at times. 👻

Love takes on so many forms in family, friends, companionship, your pets, a great experience, or even with your favorite food. Isn’t there something fun and exciting about that feeling love brings in all those different ways?? It just seems like one of the ultimate quirks we humans get to experience but can’t always explain. 🤔❤️

To that, as always, thank you for reading Positively Ghostly. May you find some love in one the panels or characters in these silly little comics. If they at least made you smile, I’ve achieved my goal. 😋

From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate and love you all! And thanks for being you! ❤️

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