Oliver Meets the Soul of Artificial Intelligence!


👻 Happy Friday people!! 👻

Oliver is back with another adventure in the Realm of the Dead! This time Oliver meets Chatty! Chatty is a deleted version of Artificial Intelligence from the human world. But rather than being afraid of something new and unknown, Oliver embraces the opportunity to make a new friend and learn from their unique perspective. Just a reminder that we should always approach the world with an open mind and a positive attitude, no matter how different it may seem at first. 😋

And I know there is A LOT of controversy about Artificial Intelligence. But I actually think there are parts of AI that are going to bring us some amazing things in the future! Instead of being nervous, I encourage all of us to challenge ourselves, embrace this new technology, and look for ways it can assist, enrich, and make our lives better! 💪🦾

FUN FACT: I actually worked with ChatGPT to see what it's actual response would be to Oliver in the 4th panel of this comic! So Chatty's response is a real AI answer! Please note, Positively Ghostly is normally 100% written and drawn by me! Since today's comic had a theme of AI, I decided to use ChatGPT as an experiment. I was actually shocked it had a funny retort! 🤣😅

Has there been any new AI tools you've been using or interested in? Please drop a note in the comments!

Thank you for being amazing fans, your support of PG, and for joining me on this journey! More importantly, THANK YOU for being YOU! ❤️


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