Wellness Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday! As we trudge through the week I thought it might be fun to throw in some wellness tips. And one of my favorites is actually napping! Go figure, right? 😋

So napping (when done correctly) can be SUPER beneficial. It can restore and rejuvenate you when you need some extra sleep. It can dramatically increase alertness, boost your short term memory, mood and even your creativity! 😱

Things to remember though...

1) around 20 mins is the nap time limit (set an alarm)

2) find a place that’s pretty quiet, dark and limit your distractions (if possible)

3) try to fall asleep as quick as you can (let go and don’t stress)

Extra interesting facts:

4) some studies find that sleeping while sitting up in a chair is better. Napping upright isn’t as comfortable but can prevent you from sleeping longer than 20-30 mins.

5) if you’re a coffee drinker, some studies have found if you have some coffee and then take a nap, you actually wake up even more refreshed! Supposedly it takes about 20 minutes for coffee to kick in.

That’s all I got today! Hope you all have a great Wednesday! And take a nap if you need it. 😬❤️


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