Cham the Bunny Reaper

Cham is Oliver's best friend and roommate. He's a Bunny Reaper who was schooled in the arts of bunny soul collecting from the living realm. His parents are also Bunny Reapers as Cham comes from a very long line of bunny reaping. His parents are absolutely proud of their son, but can still be a little overbearing. Cham isn't someone who is overly positive, but more straight forward. He loves Oliver's personality even though he thinks it can be kind of cheesy.

Fun Fact:

Cham has never been alive, and has always lived in BooVille. Cheeseburgers are his favorite food and he loves reading comic books featuring, "The Phantom Space Skull!"

Behind the Scenes

In the early stages of creating Positively Ghostly, Oliver had a younger ghost friend named, "Chubs." But I didn't like that name, and I wanted something more unique than another ghost as Oliver's companion. I also wanted other creatures like Grim Reapers and demons. I went through a few designs on what a unique take could be on a Grim Reaper. Something about a "Bunny Reaper" really cracked me up. So I rolled with that.

The name "Cham" is actually a nickname for my son, Atticus. So Cham's personality is largely based on my son Atticus.