Eric the Terrible!

Oh Eric...let's talk about him. Eric the Terrible is the first "villain" and antagonist in the Positively Ghostly universe. He was imprisoned in the Dark Realm for the past 1,000 years for reasons unknown and has just recently been released. Because of this, Eric lives a little in the past and doesn't understand "today's" underworld or anything that's happened on the Earthly plane of existence. Eric has magic powers through his study as a Wizard. Eric's drive to be bad tends to get outweighed by the goofiness of his personality. Eric sees himself as a bad guy and a need to prove himself always. Is he truly evil though or just misunderstood?

Fun Fact:

Eric's sidekick and minion is named Pretzel. Eric pretends he doesn't care about Pretzel, but in truth, he loves the little guy and will do almost anything to protect him.

Behind the Scenes

So I wanted a character who was an opposite to Oliver in nearly every way. I wanted a character who was negative, but not dark. I wanted this character to be full of himself, but at his center actually have a heart and be a little goofy.

Eric is such a fun character to play around with because underneath all that bravado, he has a bit of a broken soul.