Jim "Grim" Reaper

Jim Reaper was a newer character that was added to the Boo crew. He's a Grim Reaper who's been wandering around the Realm of the Dead for an unknown number of years. He's seen things that no other character has dared dream! And because of this he finds himself diving into the despair of things around him. Oliver is a light for Jim that he hasn't felt in a very long time. 

Fun Fact:

Even though Jim is quite old, he's finding himself in many ways. He seems to be trying to become more than well, "grim."

Behind the Scenes

So can you really have a world that exists in the Realm of the Dead without exploring a Grim Reaper character?! There have been iterations of Grim Reapers in older Positively Ghostly comics.

But it wasn't until more recently that I wanted to explore the personality of a Grim Reaper. What if he was tired of being grim? How would he act around a positive character like Oliver?

These were the questions that drove me to create good 'ole Jim.