Milly the Vampire

Milly is a genius-level vampire with a little sass. She's comes from a place called, "Blood Town" which is located in another dimension.

Milly has seemingly arrived in BooVille to learn all about ghosts, reapers, monsters, and goblins. But is she running from something else?!

For a vampire, Milly is less of a monster and more curious than anything. She doesn't drink blood, and only thirsts for knowledge.

Fun Facts:

Milly keeps a notebook with her at all times to write down all of her ideas and findings. She is also writing her first novel and can tranform into the cutest bat you've ever seen!

Behind the Scenes

Milly was the first female main character I created for Positively Ghostly. I had watched the Disney+ "Inside Pixar" documentary series where there was an episode that featured Jessica Heidt as she spoke about the gender imbalance for lines in movies and Pixar's solution to solve that problem.

Positively Ghostly was still in its infancy, but I have two daughters myself, so I wanted a strong female main character to help better gender representation. Thus, Milly was born!

Milly's sass and smarts are a combination of my wife and youngest daughter Lux.