Nibbles is Oliver's cute pet demon. He likes to bite, chew, eat, and give hugs. Nibbles far closer to a dog than anything not because he drools (which he does) but more because he's so loyal to Oliver. Nibbles is the opposite of Priscella, he's excited ALL THE TIME just to see Oliver. 

Fun Fact:

Nibbles loves food. Does he have a favorite food?'s anything edible. lol

Behind the Scenes

I created Nibbles early on because I wanted Oliver to have a couple pets. I love to explore those kinds of relationships. I had dogs and cats growing up. I think Nibbles comes from those fond memories of getting licked all over my face by the various dogs I've been so fortunate enough to have in my life.

Dogs are truly man's (and woman's) best friends. They make the world such a friendlier place.