Oliver the Ghost

Oliver's superpower is his ability to see things from a positive and curious perspective, which he uses to inspire and uplift others.

He has no idea that this is a special gift though as he faces challenges with self-confidence, anxiety, and bouts of depression.

He overcomes these obstacles by staying positive and helping others in any way he can.

Fun Fact:

Oliver doesn't remember who he was when he was alive. The only memory he had when he arrived in Realm of the Dead was his name.

Despite not remembering who he was in life, Oliver has made it his mission to make a positive impact on the world around him.

Behind the Scenes

Oliver was created out of the blue. The year was 2020 towards the beginning of the pandemic and I was (unfortunately) in a state of depression. I was doodling in my sketchbook and Oliver came to life as a singing ghost. He was dressed in a fancy outfit singing, "so bored" with a note to the side that said, "let's sing our feelings."

The next few drawings of Oliver showed him smiling. I can remember thinking, "Such a happy ghost for living in a place that probably isn't overly happy." I immediately felt like Oliver was positive, curious, and 100% okay with being a ghost.

And yes, Oliver is a reflection of myself in all the ways good and bad.