Pretzel is one of the cutest demons around. He's Eric the Terrible's sidekick and minion. Pretzel actually has a very positive demeanor about him and sees the world around him through a positive light. He accompanies Eric everywhere and is fiercely lonely. Pretzel's very familiar with the human world and acts as Eric's guide to things like food, technology, or common slang.

Fun Fact:

Pretzel actually loves hugs, is deeply empathetic to others around him, and loves a good burrito.

Behind the Scenes

I created Pretzel as a balance to Eric the Terrible. I wanted a creature that was that complex enough to offset Eric's terrible-ness while also being very loyal. Pretzel is one of the only characters to see the "real" Eric.

Matter of fact, Pretzel doesn't see Eric the Terrible as "terrible" at all. He sees someone with powerful potential.