Priscella the Ghost Cat

Priscella is a ghost cat and more importantly, Oliver's pet. And just like any cat, there's a love-hate relationship she shares with Oliver. Oliver cannot understand or hear Priscella's voice or thoughts, so communication between the two is difficult. But Oliver loves her unconditionally, regardless of how much she might scratch, bite, or hiss at him.

Fun Fact:

Secretly, Priscella loves Oliver...deep down. I mean, WAY DEEP DOWN she loves and admires him. Not only because he feeds her, but because he loves her and she can feel that.

Behind the Scenes

I'm a cat fan (obviously.) There's something about having a cat as a pet that seems like a challenge. Their personalities are so funny. Priscella was created after my two cats Olive and Penny. They are total jerks, but also very loving. I mean, I tend to always have a scratch or bite mark on my hand at any given time from Olive. lol

I wanted to capture that love of cats, so Priscella was created very early on.