Sally Boo

Sally Boo is a water-fire demon who is ruled by her emotions. She has a little flame headed skull bow on her head that allows her to breathe. The skull is tied to her emotions and will often reflect how she is feeling. Sally grew up on more of the finer things in the Realm of the Dead and is the daughter of the Mayor of BooVille. She prefers things a certain way, but will always make time with her friends to spill the tea. 

Fun Fact:

Sally actually can't swim very well. She loves a good latte though.

Behind the Scenes

Sally Boo was modeled somewhat after my oldest daughter Avalon, who is an Aquarius. Avalon's a positive thinker who can see patterns in things that others might not notice. She also loves getting coffee and is always down to hear the latest gossip. I would like to think that Sally Bool is an Aquarius as well.

Aquarius signs also have been known to be moody and often strike others as unique individuals, which leads them to great originality and creativity.