Skittle is a demon cat-like creature with a super amount of confidence and energy. He isn't bogged down with self-doubt or depression. He doesn't dwell in the past, but always looks to the future. The only downside to always looking to the future is that Skittle does get a little anxious. He must find ways to burn that incredible energy and try to live in the present and enjoy the little things. 

Fun Fact:

Skittle has an entrepreneur's spirit, but also some cat tendencies like taking naps which are jarring for poor Skittle.

Behind the Scenes

Strangely, Skittle came to me as a character who just wanted to be brought to life. I kept sketching a cat-like demon who seemed to have a pushiness and confidence that seemed to say, "You need me here! Trust me!"

And being a fan of other comic cats like Garfield and Heathcliff, I decided to honor my love of those characters and gave Skittle an orange coat.